Park Guidelines:

Rules Rules Rules....


  1. ALL guests and visitors must stop and check in at the office.  Do not drive past office until AFTER you speak with park staff regardless of what your friends said.  
  2. No loud talking or music after 10 PM.
  3. When outside camping vehicles, all animals must be on leash.   Our policy is that your animal must be on one end of the leash and you must be on the other.
  4. Animals are to be with their owners, not staked outside or kept in pens.
  5. Please pick up after your animals - nothing funny about that hot mess.
  6. Like our flowers?  Please don't let your animals urinate on them.  It kills them, too.  
  7. Drying towels permitted - drying laundry is not.
  8. Squirrels love garbage, please keep it inside or contained.
  9. Pool rules SHALL be obeyed.
  10. Office hours are 8:30am to 6 pm 7 days/week, 364 days a year.  (Yes, we do think we deserve one day off)
  11. 72 hour notice must be given prior to cancelling a reservation.  The $20 minimum charge to hold an overnight reservation isn't enough to cover what was lost since we didn't rent it - but we feel better.
  12. Longer term?  Boy, those are hard to get - so we require a $50 minimum charge to hold those reservations.  We really want you to commit!
  13. No, you cannot add a deck, condo or garage to your camper.
  14. Yes, you can grow plants, hang out flags and lights.  Just make certain the plants are in your soil, not ours.
  15. Yes, you can gather at the pavilion and group fire pit without a reservation.  If its reserved, it will be posted.  Otherwise, its free game!
  16. Fires? Only in a raised firepit.  I know, we don't like it either, but they are County conditions of employment. Free wood, though!
  17. YES!  We are open in winter! See # 11 above.  If you want water - you will need to winterize your exterior hose connection and ours.  Don't worry - we will show you how - or lock it up when needed to prevent damage to our pipes.
  18. Finally, I am sure your momma was wonderful and all that, but she was WRONG when she said you could smoke in the bathroom.  Or the office, or the laundry room, or the pool.